2014 Updates for KTOF!

Hello All:

Hope everything is going well for our adoptive families around the world. We are excited to kickstart 2014 with activities and discussion groups!

February 19, 2014 we will be in Highlands Ranch, Colorado for a parent group discussion with Precious Journeys.

February 22, 2014 we will be in Boulder, Colorado for a parent group discussing topics like: Strategies for dealing with racism, prejudice, andĀ trans-racial adoption.

APRILĀ 2014 – Adoptee Connect Event! We will be sending out an eVite shortly for our 2nd annual Adoptee Connect Event. Last year’s event was a huge success in pooling together over 40 teen adoptees plus adult adoptees in this energetic networking/discussion night on several topics like interviewing, college life, dating, inspirational adoption stories, etc.

Sending all our love,

Sheryl and Alisha