THANK YOU! Adoptee Connect Event 2014

Hello To Our Colorado Families:

We wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU to the teens who attended our 2nd annual Adoptee Connect Event last weekend! It was an evening filled with wonderful discussions and connections that our teens do not normally have access to. Such a relaxed, trusting and open energy between the adult adoptees and teens as they chatted about topics like: dating and relationships, communication strategies, jobs/interviews, school life, being a minority (positive ways to navigate), etc.! We had 10 countries represented in our adoptees that gathered for this unique evening and were so pleased to see that some teens who were initially shy/reserved…truly came out of their shells and connected in meaningful ways. Keys To Our Future is honored to be trusted by so many families/adoptees as a resource that is available year-round. There have been inquiries on whether we can turn this event into a bi-annual event, so we are considering this as an option. We send all our best and look forward to more wonderful workshops, events and speaking engagements coming up this year.

Warm regards,

Sheryl and Alisha