Copenhagen Kimchi Festival

The festival, founded by Korean-Danish Adoptees focuses on Korea and Korean food culture and the meeting between Korean and Danish cuisine with the Korean national cuisine, kimchi, as the focal point.

Korean food is growing in popularity across the world and more and more people are becoming interested in its dishes and traditions, especially on the fermentation processes that are a key feature of Korean cuisine.

Denmark is no exception and we had the pleasure to visit the Kimchi Festival held in Copenhagen from the 24th until the 26th of June. The event, sponsored by the Republic of Korea Embassy in Denmark, OKF (overseas Koreans Foundation), KOTRA (Korea Trade investment Agency) and Korean adoptees association showcased many workshops and products, giving visitors the chance to experience Korean cuisine first hand.

At its fourth edition, “Copenhagen Kimchi Festival  was created as a permanent platform to promote Korean food and culture in Denmark and to encourage mutual inspiration between the Korean and Danish/Nordic cuisine. It’s  a non-profit event and it relies on volunteers, giving the change to people interested in Korean culture to meet and work together” says Kim Tonboe Jacobsen (Co-founder of Copenhagen Kimchi festival)

Visitors flocked to the festival since the morning of the first day, attracted by the great program, the location of the festival (in front of the famous Torvehallerne market in the heart of Copenhagen) by the sunny summer weather and by the mouthwatering fragrances coming from the many food stalls.

Copenhagen Kimchi Festival


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