Alisha and I are still holding private/group sessions. One of our group sessions will be in January in Boulder, Colorado. If you’d like to set up your own group or private session, please contact us at


Alisha and I are holding private/group sessions as we’ve done in years past through the Fall-Spring. Please contact us at: for more information or to request a private or group session.


The 2014 Adoptee Connect Event was AWESOME! Lots of buzzing conversations for 3 hours with teens from all over Colorado! We had 10 countries represented and had a great balance of boys/girls ranging in age from 13-18 who attended. We are being asked to do the Connect event more than once a year now and we are taking it into consideration. For the moment, we are just elated to have had such a successful event for two years in a row! The teens truly enjoyed the camaraderie and variety of topics to discuss with a group or their peers. Up next are preparations for more private workshops/discussion groups with parents! If you are interested in gathering a group of parents (6+), please contact us at:


KTOF will be hosting the 2014 Adoptee Connect Event on April 12, 2014 from 6-9pm in Denver!!! We are thrilled to bring this event back for our fellow adoptee teens. If your teen would be interested in finding out more information or would like to attend the event, please email us at: Capacity is limited, so please RSVP soon.


KTOF is excited for the upcoming events and sessions for 2014! See our home page for details.


Adoption camp season has concluded for the year. We always love seeing our parents and adoptees at these camps, but realize that there are always those families that can’t make it to these events. KTOF is always open to invites from family groups who would like a workshop/presentation/focus group discussion on various adoption topics. We provide these private sessions from October – April each year.

As a side note: we plan to hold another Adoptee Connect Event in the early Spring (most likely March 2014). Last year’s event went so WELL that we definitely want to offer this forum again to our teen adoptees. Please check back for updates. 🙂


Spring is just around the corner and Keys To Our Future is revving up for some awesome activities/workshops. We are scheduled for 2 engagements in April – May with private groups. In addition, we will be at Heritage Camps For Adoptive Families ( again this summer for: (i) Korean Heritage Camp, June 13-16; (ii) Cambodian Heritage Camp, July 20; and (iii) Chinese Heritage Camp, August 31-September 1! Our workshops will be engaging parents for paneled discussions on “An Adoption Journey: Where Has My Adoption Taken Me?”, Adopted: The Movie, sessions with teens on “How To Manage My Emotions”, and much much more! Hope several of you are heading to the adoption camps in Colorado this summer. It’s a magical time for everyone. 🙂


We are thrilled to announce that Keys To Our Future is collaborating with Heritage Camps For Adoptive Families in the FIRST Adoptee Connect Event in Colorado in February 2013! Please see our Upcoming Events page for details. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Announcements

  1. I just heard you two speak at the Chinese Heritage Camp in Denver. You are powerful women, powerful speakers. Your talk, by far, has been the most meaningful and touching presentation for me, EVER, at Heritage Camp. The timing was perfect.

    I thank you from the deepest part of my momma soul!

    Donna S

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