Meet the Founders

Alisha Kwon Hammett


I was born of biracial heritage (Korean and African American) in Dongducheon, South Korea. I have been adopted twice. My mom has been the single greatest influence in my life. She gave me the courage to overcome the challenges I faced from being adopted twice, along with identity issues being a biracial child. Her compassion, communication, and endless encouragement shaped the woman I am today. In 2004, I had the incredible opportunity to find my biological family and meet my biological brother and sister with whom I am continually growing a special relationship with everyday. I am incredibly excited to be partnering with such an inspirational and intelligent young woman- Sheryl Barecki!
We met at Korean Heritage Camp in 2009 and decided to create Keys To Our Future together. Her insights, initiative, and contributions are priceless. Sheryl has a huge heart to help others and I look forward to taking this journey along side her and with all of you!
Sheryl Seon Barecki
I was born in Kang-won Do, South Korea with an identical twin sister. I was born into a home with three older brothers, of whom I have never met. Despite not having my other siblings with me, my sister and I were adopted around the age 4.5 by a great couple who had been trying for a long time to grow their family. My parents gave me the support and always taught by example every day. I have always fought for what I believe in and adoption education/services is definitely something I will do for the rest of my life. I have been doing volunteer work/public speaking for over 14 years and I was elated to meet Alisha in June 2009. We found out that we both came from Eastern Child Welfare (an adoption agency in Korea) and were in this agency within a couple years of each other! Alisha is an amazing person/adoptee that could not be more perfectly matched with me in this adventure we call Keys To Our Future. Her energy and passion to provide access to year-round support services to parents was something I had dabbled with in the past, but had not gone to the extent of establishing an organization. I hope that this organization is something that adoptive parents can benefit from and learn the adult adoptee perspective. Alisha and I are both working professionals who can provide that bridge between parents and their adopted children. We are dedicated to helping make happy/healthy families. We are YOUR one-of-a-kind resource.

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